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TEH SWINEY FLOO!, Streptococcus, and the Forgotten Vaccine

Once again, our vaccination non-policy is needlessly putting lives at risk. We need to make the PCV7 (pneumococcal) vaccine part of our flu fighting strategy.
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Insurance Companies’ War on Juvenile Diabetics Gloriously Marches On

But, by all means, let private insurers essentially write healthcare legislation. I’m sure it will only be a problem for juvenile diabetics, right?
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So Why Aren’t We Worrying About Deflation?

Incomes have flatlined.
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May Everyone Be…

inscribed in the Book of Life.
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The Good News Is That Blue Dog Dem Mike Ross Isn’t a Cheap Whore…

…it takes a lot of money to buy his vote.
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If You’re at the Smithsonian…

Darwin and ants at NMNH.
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Note to Bachman About Census Bashing: It Has Real Consequences

A census worker describes the vitriol.
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