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Links 8/31/16

Links for you. Science: Study shows one way that scientific progress is broken Looking for a Signal in the Noise: Revisiting Obesity and the Microbiome Isolating Viable Ancient Bacteria: What You Put In Is What You Get Out Inaction on … Continue reading

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The ‘Alt-Right’ Have Always Been With Us: The Sartre Edition

By way of Matt O’Brien, we observe that Sartre, in 1946, described ‘alt-right’ trolls–which is to say, right-wing bigots: The ‘alt-right’ are just the same assholes that have always been with us, just with new branding. While lots of people, … Continue reading

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If We Didn’t Have So Many Murders, We Would Realize How Dangerous Our Roads Are

The third week of August was not a good week for pedestrians in D.C.: two pedestrians were killed by people driving cars. By comparison, only one person was murdered. We’ll return to D.C. in a moment. Nationally, here’s the annual … Continue reading

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Links 8/30/16

Links for you. Science: Is Florida About to Be Swamped With Capybara? At NIH, one woman says gender bias has blocked promotions Tom Wolfe’s magic combo move Taking On Chomsky (and Darwin) 23andMe has a problem when it comes to … Continue reading

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Stop Calling The Racist Right ‘Alt-Right’

Too many pundits are over-thinking the ‘alt-right.’ They’re just the same mean, bigoted, racists that the right has always appealed to since the Republicans adopted the Southern Strategy decades ago. Since then, Republicans have never been able to win without … Continue reading

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Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing And The Clinic: The Future Is Almost Here

I heard this talk almost a year ago*, so I’m glad this paper is finally out (I’ll translate into English below; boldface mine): The increasing prevalence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria is a serious global challenge. Here, we studied prospectively whether … Continue reading

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Links 8/29/16

Links for you. Science: The Secret Life of Science Museums: The federal government is slashing funding for collection museums. Here’s why that’s dangerous Politics and Personality: Most of What You Read Is Malarkey Trump wanted to keep Americans critically ill … Continue reading

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