The ‘Alt-Right’ Have Always Been With Us: The Sartre Edition

By way of Matt O’Brien, we observe that Sartre, in 1946, described ‘alt-right’ trolls–which is to say, right-wing bigots:


The ‘alt-right’ are just the same assholes that have always been with us, just with new branding.

While lots of people, if not most, stretch the truth on occasion, for the Trumpists, words have no meaning. Unfortunately, if one bullshits fast enough and furiously enough, it is possible to overwhelm what, back then, was referred to as the intelligence.

Just the same old same old…

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1 Response to The ‘Alt-Right’ Have Always Been With Us: The Sartre Edition

  1. mike D. says:

    You can find extremist idiocy on either side of the political divide.

    The articles that I have linked to gives a better idea of the alt right:

    or anything by Steve Sailer.

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