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Some Thursday Links

Merry Thursday. Links for ya.
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Tamiflu, Influenza, and Resistance…

The CDC is being very smart about this issue.
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More Swine Flu/Homeopathy Snark

Courtesy of Skepchick.
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Swine Flu: Maybe We’ll Take Seasonal Influenza Seriously

Maybe we’ll start taking annual influenza seriously.
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Quote of the Day

Mixing swine flu and homeopathy.
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Nonoptimal Virulence and Avian Influenza

There’s no reason to think that an epidemic influenza strain won’t become more deadly.
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Senator Collins Opposed Pandemic Flu Spending

Cynicism of the lowest order.
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More on Fake HuffPo Pseudo-Experts

Forget a degree in homeopathic medicine, I want a degree in sociopathic medicine.
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David Broder Defines the Banality of Evil

What Broder is incapable of understanding is that because policy of torture was “a deliberate, and internally well-debated, policy decision, made in the proper places”, we must prosecute.
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Some Saturday Links

Some Saturday links for you.
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