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More on Fake HuffPo Pseudo-Experts

Forget a degree in homeopathic medicine, I want a degree in sociopathic medicine.
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David Broder Defines the Banality of Evil

What Broder is incapable of understanding is that because policy of torture was “a deliberate, and internally well-debated, policy decision, made in the proper places”, we must prosecute.
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Some Saturday Links

Some Saturday links for you.
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Saturday Sermon: The True Role of the Traditional Media

“It would be as if the leading proponents of cigarette smoking were physicians, or those most vocally touting the virtues of illiteracy were school teachers.”
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Abu Zubaydah and Inefficacy of Torture

An F.B.I. supervisory special agent from 1997 to 2005 who worked on counterterrorism says torture is unnecessary and harmful.
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What Our Taxes Pay For

The two untouchables: defense and healthcare tax deductions.
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Antibiotics and…Enemas? Why I Will Never Read HuffPo Again

Because if I had a raging fever due to a bloodstream infection and was on the verge of organ failure, I would definitely want an enema. WTF?
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