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Saturday Sermon: The True Role of the Traditional Media

“It would be as if the leading proponents of cigarette smoking were physicians, or those most vocally touting the virtues of illiteracy were school teachers.”
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Abu Zubaydah and Inefficacy of Torture

An F.B.I. supervisory special agent from 1997 to 2005 who worked on counterterrorism says torture is unnecessary and harmful.
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What Our Taxes Pay For

The two untouchables: defense and healthcare tax deductions.
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Antibiotics and…Enemas? Why I Will Never Read HuffPo Again

Because if I had a raging fever due to a bloodstream infection and was on the verge of organ failure, I would definitely want an enema. WTF?
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‘Counterintuition’, the Human Microbiome, and Why Fluency in Math Matters

Probability theory shouldn’t be counterintuitive.
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The Asymmetric Advantage of Bullsh-t

It’s much harder to unwind a bogus argument than make one.
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Boston Marathon Coverage Update

Street interview inanity.
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Some Sunday Links

Tomorrow’s the Boston Marathon, so here are some links to exercise your brain.
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CIA Exemptions: They’re Not Military Personnel

This isn’t the obligation to follow orders, it’s about careers and money.
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If ‘Teabaggers’ Were Serious About ‘No Taxation Without Representation”, Then…

they would support statehood for the District of Columbia, right?
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