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The Political Consequences of Self-Projection

Matt Stoller makes a very interesting observation about Senator Obama, although I think it could apply to most of the presidential candidates in both parties.
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Just Because It Will Make Creationists’ Heads Explode

MarkH notes that Luskin is upset about what they perceive as academic discrimination against the proponents of intelligent design creationism. So he asks Luskin a question.
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The (Very Long) Quote of the Day

I’ve said before that when you watch ignoramuses and authoritarians trash your country, anger is the appropriate response. driftglass explains why.
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We Don’t Need No Stinking Libraries?!

Would you pay $728 more a year to keep schools and libraries fully funded? I would, but the voters of Northbridge, MA wouldn’t.
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“Poland to Probe If Teletubbies Are Gay”

No, that’s not an inappropriate joke. The conservative Polish government is worried that the Teletubbies might turn Polish youth into TEH GAY.
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Friedman and the War Prayer

Let’s contrast Thomas Friedman with Mark Twain this Memorial Day.
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Some Sunday Links

I was away this week, and it’s a holiday, so the links are kinda light. Here’s some science stuff.
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Things I Learned at the ASM 2007 Meeting

From Monday to Friday, I attended the American Society for Microbiology meeting held in Toronto. Before I get to some of the interesting science, my apologies to all of the people who suggested we meet up. Unfortunately, I never look at the blog (or almost never) while I’m on the road, so I missed your messages (it’s best to email me directly). Anyway, here’s the list of random things.
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The Failed Iraq Vote and A Nation of ‘Friedmans’

I go away for a meeting, and Congress goes and holds a vote about the Iraq War. Like some, I’m disgusted by the outcome, but I think many are blaming the wrong people. To paraphrase Pogo, the enemy is us. Or least part of us.
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KPC, Antibiotic Misuse, and the Coming Lawsuits

A couple of weeks ago, after I posted about a very serious emerging bacterial threat, KPC, I received an email from a reader with an elderly relative in the hospital with a very serious case of pneumonia caused by KPC. What he told me is shocking.
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