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Links 6/30/16

Links for you. Science: Millions of caterpillars are decimating the trees in New England Excess Mortality in CRKp: A Non-Randomized (Fortunately) Trial Scientists Fear Seagulls Carrying MCR-1 Gene Will Worsen Threat Of Drug-Resistant Superbugs Feeding the machine Venom Hunters Receives … Continue reading

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Austerity And Fascism

A while ago, I argued, in the context of Greece’s imploding economy, that a key economic policy benchmark should be not encouraging fascism: When you read about the political mess that Greece has became, the press for austerity–led by Germany–is … Continue reading

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Links 6/29/16

Links for you. Science: Inside A Secret Government Warehouse Prepped For Health Catastrophes Tourists pick up antibiotic-resistance genes in just two days Researchers find second ‘superbug’ gene in U.S. patient (apparently, the paper has been retracted?) Colistin Resistance: “The Pig … Continue reading

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Cutler Majestic

The Cutler Majestic Theater, Tremont St., between Boylston and Stuart, Theater District, Boston:

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What Should Be The Long-Term Fate of Scientific Databases?

One of the problems that all scientific databases face is funding. From the funders’ perspective, they are being asked to make a commitment in perpetuity: with rare exceptions, there is always more work to be done. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Links 6/28/16

Links for you. Science: When are people gonna realize their studies are dead on arrival? Do scientific fraudsters deserve a second chance? Reality check from Eric Lander: Majority of cancer cures will take decades Choosing Between the Logit and Probit … Continue reading

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Rock on! Observed on P Street NW, between 17th and 18th, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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The Democratic Party Platform: Many Good Things And One Unforced Error

So the draft version of the Democratic Party platform is out–this isn’t the final version which will be adopted at the party convention. There’s a lot of good things in it–it calls for a $15 hour minimum wage and criminal … Continue reading

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Links 6/27/16

Links for you. Science: This cutting-edge clock relies on an element you’ve never heard of Zika fears spur a booming market for questionable products Mash: fast genome and metagenome distance estimation using MinHash Federal panel approves first use of CRISPR … Continue reading

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GOP Gov. Chris Christie Is Still An Asshole

Just in case you were wondering. And there is no better place to examine the real Republican id than at the state and local levels, aka the meth labs of democracy. You see, the new civil rights issue of our … Continue reading

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