Links 6/29/16

Links for you. Science:

Inside A Secret Government Warehouse Prepped For Health Catastrophes
Tourists pick up antibiotic-resistance genes in just two days
Researchers find second ‘superbug’ gene in U.S. patient (apparently, the paper has been retracted?)
Colistin Resistance: “The Pig is Out Of The Barn”
14 Scientists On How They Feel About Brexit


Liberal Elites Hate the Left (been saying this for a while)
Why I hate the S word
“Reserve your contempt for the people with power”: Chris Hayes on anti-elitism and Brexit
Feminism at the Polls
The Reluctant Memoirist
How Housing’s New Players Spiraled Into Banks’ Old Mistakes
Clinton’s Day Care Plan: A Good Start, but Not Enough
PDF alibi syndrome
Why the Stanford Rape Trial Actually Represents Progress
BREXIT & Its Terrifying, Never-Discussed Consequences For Northern Ireland
Dems Include Support For Statehood In National Platform Draft
Metro GM Announces That He’s Eliminating Hundreds Of Positions
The Bob McDonnell SCOTUS ruling makes convicting politicians of corruption almost impossible
Full Employment and the Democratic Platform: Hillary Can Fix What Bill Broke
Leave Won Because It Has a Better Story

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