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Links 9/30/19

Links for you. Science: Bacterial predator-prey coevolution accelerates genome evolution and selects on virulence-associated prey defences Stuart Levy, microbiologist who sounded alarm on antibiotic resistance, dies at 80 The Environmental Left Is Softening on Carbon-Capture Technology. Maybe That’s OK. Something … Continue reading

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Governing from the White House

While I’ve been criticizing state and local institutions for their failures in governance–and the opportunities those failures create for bad actors–there also have been substantial failures at the federal level, including President Obama’s term (the left, construed very broadly, needs … Continue reading

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Links 9/29/19

Links for you. Science: Vineyards Facing An Insect Invasion May Turn To Aliens For Help 5 Everyday Objects That Are Secretly Saving The World How Ancient DNA Can Help Recast Colonial History Citizens need to know numbers MIT Media Lab … Continue reading

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Why I Have a Hard Time Trusting Moderate Democrats

Because while we’re fighting to save the Republic, they’re doing nasty shit like this (boldface mine): A new poll by a firm linked to Joe Biden is testing messages designed to undercut support among Democrats for Medicare for All, one … Continue reading

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Links 9/28/19

Links for you. Science: Sunday’s Google Doodle Honors Botanist Ynés Mexía The Problem With Sugar-Daddy Science Can we really know what animals are thinking? Today’s special: Grilled salmon laced with plastic The evolution of antibiotic resistance (good roundup, not new … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist posts: A Simple Message Would Help Scandals Will Hurt Trump, If People Know About Them Two Ways to Deal with the Senate Filibuster The Need to Kick Democrats in the Ass Until and Unless They … Continue reading

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Links 9/27/19

Links for you. Science: What It’s Like Living in One of the Hottest Cities on Earth—Where It May Soon Be Uninhabitable Hypoxia City Ash tree species likely will survive emerald ash borer beetles, but just barely EEE is untreatable and … Continue reading

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The NY Times: It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

I typically avoid reading impressionistic pieces by journalists who visit places to find swing voters (In Diners™), and a recent NY Times article “Elated, Furious, Wary: Impeachment Divides Voters, Like Everything Trump“, would have been no different. Life is too … Continue reading

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Links 9/26/19

Links for you. Science: Genetic ‘road map’ reveals the lost birthplace of a 150-year-old butterfly The children of Donor H898 How Rich Donors Like Epstein (and Others) Undermine Science Statistical and Machine Learning forecasting methods: Concerns and ways forward The … Continue reading

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Our Biomass Crisis: The Avian Edition

Long before the Cool Kidz were saying it, I’ve been warning that we have a biomass crisis: When is the last time, in those habitats, you have seen enough fish (and minnow-sized fish don’t count) to justify this strategy? What … Continue reading

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