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Links 9/17/19

Links for you. Science: NOAA leaders backed Trump’s hallucinations over their own forecasters. They should resign The USDA relocation to Kansas City is ripping apart the lives of its employees. Here are some of their stories. (science is done by … Continue reading

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Caregiving and Income

As you get older, you inevitably end up having to take care of elderly relatives. Sometimes, the conditions are so severe, people have to drop out of the workforce or take tremendous salary cuts–and “people” are disproportionately women. You probably … Continue reading

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Links 9/16/19

Links for you. Science: The Anthropologist of Artificial Intelligence We Dug Up Jeffrey Epstein’s Old Science Blog. It’s as Weird as You Think. A Robot With Noodle-like Fingers Helps Handle Soft Jellyfish A Republican Firm Is Targeting EPA Staff Who … Continue reading

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If Kavanaugh Had Happened to Republicans

I know after two plus years of Il Trumpe, the device of “If Democrats did X…” is trite, but I’ll use it anyway. If the weekend revelations substantiating Kavanaugh’s shoving his penis into a female student’s hand were about a … Continue reading

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Links 9/15/19

Links for you. Science: Pre-Columbian mycobacterial genomes reveal seals as a source of New World human tuberculosis Wild horses will ride out the hurricane as they have for centuries, with ‘butts to the wind’ How a newly identified bacterium saps … Continue reading

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Narcissists Gonna Narcissist

While one’s own psychological dysfunctions are interesting to you, most other people’s aren’t. That goes for Trump too, who is just a textbook narcissist–no deep mystery, he. But it’s important to understand his dysfunction because it provides a very reliable … Continue reading

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Links 9/14/19

Links for you. Science: Those Hurricane Maps Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test Shapeshifting sea creature expands in front of scientists’ eyes The “eat less meat” movement is growing. … Continue reading

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