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Happy Thanksgiving

Observed on 16th Street NW, between Corcoran and Q, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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To Those Celebrating, Merry Christmas

Some holiday-related photos. First, from the National Gallery, Washington, D.C.: The U.S. Botanical Garden: By way of Adam Gaffin, here are some historic Boston Christmas displays. Christmas decorations on Gilchrist’s, Washington Street, 1914:

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I Don’t Know What the Thanksgiving Equivalent of Yuletide Cheer Is…

..but this garden display in Back Bay, Boston HAZ IT!: (Commonwealth Avenue)

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Gut Yontif!

First, let’s revisit this beautiful statement to my landsmen from the Chinese Restaurant Association (and Doctorow has got nuthin’ on the Mad Biologist: Now, let’s do this old school:

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Merry Christmas!

Even though I’m Jewish, I plan to forgo the traditional Jewish Christmas repast of Chinese food and indulge in our family’s tradition of a Christmas turkey. So I’ll just leave you with two videos.
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Merry Christmas!

Gut Yontif.
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Have an Easy Fast…

…if that’s the sort of thing you do. Thanks to the ScienceBlogerator 9000, I can actually post while heading off to shul. We live in amazing times…

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