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Il Trumpe Is A Bagman: The Turnberry Edition

I’ve been saying all along–and it wasn’t hard to see, unless you actively didn’t want to see*–that Il Trumpe would run into trouble over his obvious money laundering activities; this is also how Russia might have gotten their hooks into … Continue reading

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Could He Be Possibly More Corrupt?

At this point, Il Trumpe’s best defense against corruption is that he’s so obvious about his pro-Russia sentiments, he couldn’t possibly be in the bag for Putin–an operative would try to be more subtle (boldface mine): Over the course of … Continue reading

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The Trump Rules Of Dealmaking

And they are very bad rules. Even though Il Trumpe styles himself as a brilliant negotiator, he’s actually really bad at it overall. While this list was from a post about trade negotiations in particular, I see no reason why … Continue reading

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How To Negotiate With The Trump Administration

Since our narcissist-in-chief is a bigly believer in zero-sum negotiation, you have to hurt him in order to get concessions. Not the U.S., since Il Trumpe is the state, and the state is Il Trumpe (to use a phrase), but … Continue reading

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Part-Time Resistance

Dan Rather makes a very good point: Most Americans work very hard. So adding the full-time job of keeping track of the outrages and abuses of this Administration is time none of us really could afford to spare. Less time … Continue reading

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Norms, Fighting Fairly, and Progress

Eric Levitz makes a very good point about norms and governing (boldface mine): Let’s say Chuck Schumer becomes Senate Majority Leader next year. If restoring norms is the paramount objective, then he will have to implore his caucus to confirm … Continue reading

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Laughing At Their Base

On the off chance you missed it, Il Trumpe, Stephen Miller, and Jared Kushner had a nice little bigot eruption that was leaked to the press (boldface mine): The night before Trump delivered his first speech to Congress in February … Continue reading

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