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Narcissists Gonna Narcissist

While one’s own psychological dysfunctions are interesting to you, most other people’s aren’t. That goes for Trump too, who is just a textbook narcissist–no deep mystery, he. But it’s important to understand his dysfunction because it provides a very reliable … Continue reading

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Yes, the Altered Weather Forecasts Are a Problem

Much of the response to Il Trumpe’s alteration of a weather forecast (actually, two alterations, but we’ll return to that) to excuse his mistweeting about how the storm could have hit Alabama has focused either on his narcissism or on … Continue reading

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It’s the Emoluments, Stupid

Last week, Democrats finally decided to get serious about investigating Trump and have focused on… the possibly (ok, probably) illegal payments to Stormy Daniels (for those who don’t remember, these were to keep her quiet about having sex with Il … Continue reading

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“Take the Land”: Impeach Him, Impeach Him Now

I’m old enough to remember when conservatives used to get upset when–oh fuck, why do I even bother? (boldface mine) President Trump is so eager to complete hundreds of miles of border fence ahead of the 2020 presidential election that … Continue reading

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Now Would Be an Excellent Time for Donald Trump to Release His Tax Returns

No conflict of interest–pun intended–here (boldface mine): President Trump stands to save millions of dollars annually in interest on outstanding loans on his hotels and resorts if the Federal Reserve lowers rates as he has been demanding, according to public … Continue reading

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Two Prosaic Reasons for Small(er) Protests in the U.S.: Transit and Geography

With the inspiring protests in Hong Kong, there has been the occasional remark along the lines of ‘why aren’t there larger protests’, especially in D.C. While there are lots of reasons, there are two rather boring, yet important, ones, as … Continue reading

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We Have Run Out of Good Choices

There is only deciding which choice is worse. From Takoma, in D.C. (boldface mine): A proposed 200-bed shelter in D.C. to house detained immigrant children is likely to face a number of legal and regulatory obstacles from city officials and … Continue reading

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