Links 6/30/16

Links for you. Science:

Millions of caterpillars are decimating the trees in New England
Excess Mortality in CRKp: A Non-Randomized (Fortunately) Trial
Scientists Fear Seagulls Carrying MCR-1 Gene Will Worsen Threat Of Drug-Resistant Superbugs
Feeding the machine
Venom Hunters Receives Venomous Backlash: Reality Bites Part I


Is Elizabeth Warren Really the Best Choice for Vice President? Only if you think the symbolism of her nomination is bigger than the hole she’ll leave in the Senate. (pointed this out a while ago)
The Illogic and Cruelty of Christie’s “Fairness Formula” (my thoughts here)
Defying the Investors: Thomas Ferguson on how voter alienation from corporate candidates produced this year’s dizzying election results (excellent)
Nobody wants these school buses in their backyard. But moving them is worth it.
Metro Ridership Is Down, With WMATA Pointing To External Forces For Drop
Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats all over Europe
Why the Public Has Stopped Paying Attention to Economists
Study finds Password Misuse in Hospitals a Steaming Hot Mess
Clinton’s “First Major Betrayal”? DNC Surrogates Defeat Anti-TPP Measure (how this could possibly be a winner escapes me. It will hurt down ballot)
For Detroit’s Children, More School Choice but Not Better Schools
From Uruguay, a Model for Making Abortion Safer
Airbnb and house-sharing firms reduced New York housing stock by 10% (this will be studiously ignored by technobrat pundits)
Cities face new urban problem: their own skywalks
Let’s be clear about one uncontroversial thing that Sanders plainly got right, and Clinton did not.
As the School Spins

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  1. Vickie Feminist says:

    When the gypsy moths were big in DC some 20 plus years ago, I had 9 oaks in my Tk Pk yard. So I taped with sticky tape to catch the little buggers climbing up (yes you could hear them eating leaves at night and hear their feces dropping there were so many). The I pulled the large ones off and dropped them in a bucket of soapy water. There was a lot of killing. I began to fear that God was a gypsy moth and I was not getting into heaven. And no friend could promise me that I was wrong.

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