Warren, Franken, Or Brown As The Democratic VP Choice Is A F-cking Stupid Idea

And it shows that Clinton supporters really don’t have a clue as to what motivates Sanders supporters.

It started with a call by Politico’s Bill Scher for Minnesota Senator Al Franken to be nominated for vice president, followed by many suggestions that Elizabeth Warren should be the vice president (or perhaps progressive Sherrod Brown). These are all really fucking dumb ideas.

In each of those states, a very good senator will be replaced with, at best, someone who’s probably not as progressive, and at worst, a Republican disaster*. This, in order to move someone worth a damn from a position of power to a ceremonial position (a vote in the Senate is a lot more important than some horseshit ‘seat at the table’).

Let’s not forget that in Massachusetts, there was a disastrous off-cycle replacement election for Kennedy’s seat which led to … Republican Senator Scott Brown. And the loss of a Democratic Senate supemajority (i.e., Democrats could override a filibuster). How’d that work for you?

But I’m sure after a long, ugly presidential campaign, voter turnout in an irregular, off-cycle election would be sky-high…

So, in terms of pragmatic politics, removing a reliable left-leaning senator makes no sense.

But these suggestions have a much deeper problem: they are what Clinton supporters think Sanders supporters want. I realize there’s no way my personal sample is at all representative, but I have not met a single Sanders supporter who thinks this would be a good idea. Reactions range from puzzlement to outright cursing. Appointing Warren to vice president (or Franken or Brown) is the equivalent of rewarding failed challengers with an ambassadorship to Luxembourg. That’s not what motivates Sanders supporters. We can be bought by making policy concessions, but not like this.

Like it or not, New Democrats might actually have to negotiate with the liberal wing of their our party on policy issues. If they can stomach negotiating with Republicans who want to annihillate, well, everything Democrats care about, then they can screw up their courage and do this as well.

I can think of few better ways to anger Sanders supporters than by removing good votes in the Senate.

Fucking clueless.

*In Ohio (Brown), Republican Governor Kasich would appoint Brown’s appointment making that an even dumber idea.

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7 Responses to Warren, Franken, Or Brown As The Democratic VP Choice Is A F-cking Stupid Idea

  1. HUD Sec Julian Castro or Labor Sec Thomas Perez.

  2. Net Denizen says:

    I think, if Elizabeth Warren is going to be moving out of the Senate, she would make a much better Treasury Secretary than VP. Or Fed Chair. VP is a very stupid place to put someone who already has so much more power in her current position.

  3. I want to believe says:

    Way to dance around the obvious: Sanders for VP. By some accounts he hasn’t accomplished anything in Congress anyways, and we need another cranky old white man to replace Biden. But in all seriousness, I’d feel much more comfortable knowing Clinton had a solid progressive as VP, standing by as a sounding board when the temptation arises to sell out / compromise away the ideals of the Left.

  4. drjuliebug says:

    I’d actually support Franken enthusiastically; in fact, he would be my first choice. First, he’s more liberal than HIllary Clinton (or at least perceived as such), which I think would be a plus in this election. Second, he’s unfailingly professional in his public position — very much polished and focused. Third, he’d be completely unafraid of Trump, who in a battle of wits against Franken would be the proverbial unarmed man. Fourth, Franken didn’t run for President, so he doesn’t have a history of combat with any other Democrat who was in the race. Fifth, he’s not up for re-election to the Senate this year, which removes several otherwise frightening concerns. Sixth, he’s from a Midwestern state, which would provide geographic balance. And seventh, his state has a Democratic governor — who is also not up for re-election this year.

    Any senator, representative, or governor who would be an excellent running mate for Hillary Clinton would also be a person we’d want to keep as a senator, representative, or governor under other circumstances. At some point, someone is going to have to take a risk. Franken is in a good position to do so.

  5. albanaeon says:

    Yeah. Even the “obvious” of getting Sanders as VP, runs headlong into the problem of he’s probably a better service as a vote in Congress than just sitting around VPing.

    Though a suspicious part of me wonders if a reason to choice a known progressive is to actually neutralize them from Congress. I’d honestly feel better with some bland nobody that was picked to get a swing state than Warren or Franken or Sanders.

  6. Ruthmarie Hicks says:

    This isn’t a bug, its a feature. Neutralizing a progressive while apparently making a concession to the left would be a dream come true for Hillary.

  7. elkern says:

    I agree with Mike about Warren & Brown, but DrJulieBug (above) makes good points about Franken. The one big plus for Warren as VP Candidate is that she’d be GREAT at the “attack dog” aspect of the job (say nasty things about the Other Guy that the Pres Candidate shouldn’t say) – she’s already doing it, and proving herself very effective. But I’d hate to lose her voice in the Senate, and like OH, MA’s Republican Gov is, uh, quite unlikely to appoint a replacement I’d like.

    Franken would be good at the Attack-Dog thing, too. MN is likely to have a decent “bench” of progressive Dem’s to succeed him in the Senate (does anybody here know the details of MN politics?). And Franken might be able to deal relatively well with the Muzzle that all VP’s not named Cheney are obliged to wear: they’re forced to support & defend the President’s policies. Unlike Warren, Franken isn’t famous for any specific policies that he’d have to abandon; he’d be free to use his considerable wit to point out the idiocy of Republican politicians & policies.

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