The Evolution “Debate”

Two nights ago, ABC News reported that in Cobb County, Georgia, those who favor creation “science” are in court arguing over whether they can place stickers on biology textbooks that state that evolution is a “theory”, not a fact. As an evolutionary biologist, I am so sick of this. I could write an exposition on the historical roots of evangelical/fundamentalist opposition to evolutionary biology, but I don’t know what the point would be. I’m not sure how to even begin to fix this. Many of my colleagues say that we have to do a better job educating the public. I don’t know about this-the whole “truth shall set you free” thing didn’t exactly pan out in the last election.
Clearly, there’s no silver bullet, but is the only way we stop this through a full-out frontal assault on Christian conservatives? Hell, they wanted a culture war. Let’s prove to them the adage that civilized people conduct brutal, savage war. Or maybe I’m just really tired and run down today.

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    It gets tiresome to point out so often the red herring nature of this ‘access to food source’ argument of evolutionists. Look, if God wants one of His creatures to survive, He’ll find a way to get the creature some food.
    God imbued giraffes with long necks, for much the same reason He gave doves wings to fly, so that He would have a creature on Noah’s ark who could better help scout for dry land as The Flood ended.

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