Links 6/27/16

Links for you. Science:

This cutting-edge clock relies on an element you’ve never heard of
Zika fears spur a booming market for questionable products
Mash: fast genome and metagenome distance estimation using MinHash
Federal panel approves first use of CRISPR in humans
The Grackle’s Secret to Success


After this vote the UK is diminished, our politics poisoned
Here’s Every Way This Year’s STAAR Test Screwed Texas Schools (So Far)
Uprising in the Rust Belt: They used to be Democrats. Now they really could hand Donald Trump the White House
Nevada Reporter Who Falsely Claimed Sanders Supporters Threw Chairs Just Got What He Deserves
I want my country back
Five things progressives need to do to rebound from the Brexit disaster
America Has a Republican Problem — and the Media Is Partly to Blame
Neera and Me: Two Theses about the American Ruling Class and One About Neera Tanden
When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers
The English have placed a bomb under the Irish peace process
‘Citizens of the World’? Nice Thought, But …
Brexit — The Ultimate “Triumph” Of Voter-As-Consumer
‘You are a coward’: Hate and misperceptions about substance abuse are broader than I thought
It’s come to this: Mayor feels compelled to issue statement that he doesn’t want to destroy Boston Latin School
The Political Movement that Dared not Speak its own Name: The Neoliberal Thought Collective Under Erasure (pdf)

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