Links 8/29/16

Links for you. Science:

The Secret Life of Science Museums: The federal government is slashing funding for collection museums. Here’s why that’s dangerous
Politics and Personality: Most of What You Read Is Malarkey
Trump wanted to keep Americans critically ill with Ebola out of the U.S.
All Queens Must Die
Benefits of steady growth


Blue Cities, Red States: As cities have moved left and states have moved right, the conflicts between them have escalated.
Fight over fired mechanic shows how union, Metro management deserve each other
Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape
Honey, I’ve been slowly boring hard boards longer than you’ve been alive.
Extinguished Career
On media responsibility in covering immigration and Donald Trump
The Other Side of Cathy Lanier’s Legacy (I never see D.C. police on foot, whereas in Boston, I saw them all of the time)
Thomas Levenson with more on the media’s handling of Clinton Foundation stories
Great Minds Think Alike
Weapons, Pipelines & Wall St: Did Clinton Foundation Donations Impact Clinton State Dept. Decisions?
Ugly McMansion from McLean, Virginia
AP Demonstrates the Perils of Being “Balanced” in the Era of Trump
Sign of the Times
The backlash against open plan offices: segmented space
4 experts make the case that the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising was troubling
More potholed roads turn to gravel. Residents aren’t happy.

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2 Responses to Links 8/29/16

  1. Chris G says:

    If that’s not the ugliest house on the planet it’s at least got to be in the bottom ten. “If I had a dog that ugly I’d shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.”

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Study shows that no one pays attention to rebuttals of journal articles

    This study may be rebutted soon, but who will know?

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