Why Counterterrorism Should Not Be Left to Those Who Believe in the Easter Bunny

More fallout from Bushist apparatchik Monica Goodling. Her political hackery weakened our ability to prosecute terrorists:

In one disgraceful example, Goodling refused to hire “one of the leading terrorism prosecutors in the country” because his wife was a Democrat:

He was an experienced terrorism prosecutor and had successfully prosecuted a high-profile terrorism case for which he received the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service. … The candidate’s wife was a prominent local Democrat elected official and vice-chairman of a local Democratic Party. […]

[Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Michael] Battle, [EOUSA Deputy Director and Cheif of Staff] Kelly, and EOUSA Deputy Director Nowacki all told us that Goodling refused to allow the candidate to be detailed to EOUSA solely on the basis of his wife’s political party affiliation. Battle said he was very upset that Goodling opposed the detail because of political reasons.

Goodling’s “damaging” refusal, the report notes, forced the EOUSA to “select a much more junior attorney who lacked any experience in counterterrorism issues” and was grossly unqualified for the position:

Because EOUSA had been unable to fill the counterterrorism detail after Goodling vetoed this candidate, a current EOUSA detailee was asked to assume EOUSA’s counterterrorism portfolio. … He had no counterterrorism experience and had less than the minimum of 5 years of federal criminal prosecution experience required by the EOUSA job announcement. Battle, Nowacki, Kelly, and Voris all said they thought that he was not qualified for the position, since he had no counterterrorism experience.

Of course, since it’s the Bush administration, you can’t have corruption without an equal amount of the crazy:

Another section of the report verified early claims that Goodling had forced out a career attorney “because Goodling had problems with the AUSA’s alleged sexual orientation.”

This is the entire Bush administration in a nutshell.

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6 Responses to Why Counterterrorism Should Not Be Left to Those Who Believe in the Easter Bunny

  1. Adrienne says:

    Ugh, reading about all of that just makes me sick. This administration has really been so bad for the US.

  2. NoAstronomer says:

    Adrienne, in more ways than one. The US will now always be remembered as ‘that bunch of loons who elected George W – twice!’.

  3. tguy says:

    They want the terrorists to win! Why do they hate our freedom?

  4. Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD says:

    This is the entire Bush administration in a nutshell.

    The Bush administration has too many nuts to fit in one shell.

  5. All I can say is…what a bunch of jackasses. You would think that the rest of the republican party would be embarrassed with this administration by now. That is, assuming they have any ability to comprehend what the problem is.

  6. phantomreader42 says:

    Which party was it that accused its enemies of wanting the terrorists to win again?
    The GOP is just a pack of traitors accusing everyone else of treason.

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