Sendiráð Íslands

This house in Kalorama, D.C., is where the Icelandic ambassador lives–nice digs! Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to write ‘the Icelandic Ambassador’s house’, so you’re stuck with ‘Iceland’ as a post title:

Sendirad islands

Sendirad islands

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  1. Ketil Tveiten says:

    Your post title isn’t “Iceland”. I’m Norwegian (and Icelandic is closer to Norwegian than any other existing language, so I can decipher it more-or-less), and I’m pretty sure “Sendiráð Íslands” means “the ambassador from Iceland”; literally “Sendiráð” should mean something like “sent representative” and “Íslands” is genitive of “Ísland”, so “Sendiráð Íslands” literally means “the representative of Iceland” (more or less).

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