Anyone Know a Biologist With This License Plate?

I was enroute to Long Island two weekends ago, and saw this license plate at the Bridgeport Ferry:

DNA license plate2

Anyone know who this might be?

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5 Responses to Anyone Know a Biologist With This License Plate?

  1. Ezequiel says:

    J. Craig Venter?

  2. The Lab Mix says:

    How many biologists drive a range rover?

    • TheBrummell says:

      They depreciate pretty quickly, like most luxury cars. Once they get past about 10-12 years old, they typically cost less than $10K. That one looks a little newer than that (the Sport was introduced in 2005) – and vanity plates are not cheap – but having said that, professors at PhD-granting universities earn upwards of $120K/year (sometimes far upwards) which is certainly in Range Rover-buying territory.

  3. GM says:

    Cross reference biologists driving a range-rover with performing their undergrad studies at the University of Florida? Check the gator on the plate – has to be an alum.

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