Links 2/15/18

Links for you. Science:

The Argument Against Quantum Computers
Trump moves to reshuffle Energy Department priorities with $2 billion boost to nuclear spending
Trump budget seeks 23 percent cut at EPA, eliminating dozens of programs
Country diary: England’s only narrow-headed ants are toughing out winter
Trump rescinds planned 29% budget cut at NSF


The Full Employment Solution
Despite New Health Clinics Nearby, Some Still Cross The City For Care
Working To Change A Struggling Neighborhood — Without Gentrifying It
The Deficit Hawks Have It Wrong
Trump administration budget trims Metro subsidy instead of killing it, as feared
The Charlottesville lawsuit that could take down the alt-right
GOP Senate candidate’s parents max out donations to primary campaign of Democrat he hopes to unseat
Why there’s so much chaos in the Trump administration
Democracy Dies In McArglebargling
Suffering from disorientation and cognitive dissonance around blockchain and Bitcoin. It’s time to stop the craziness.
We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s Sake
The Democrats’ DACA leverage has all but disappeared

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