Links 2/16/18

Links for you. Science:

Did Flint’s Water Crisis Damage Kids’ Brains?
Green Science’s White People Problem
The Trump administration wants to turn the International Space Station into a commercially run venture, NASA document shows
Genetic testing is about to redraw a lot of family trees
Science’s pirate queen


Did You Know Nazis Don’t Like Jews Very Much?
When Deplorability Is No Longer a Dealbreaker
Four Truths About the Florida School Shooting
America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace
Why Broadband Competition at Faster Speeds is Virtually Nonexistent
After Annie Rice’s Victory, Democrats Weigh Punishing Her Supporters (the Iron Law of Institutions at work!)
American Carnage
The discreet terror of the American bourgeoisie
DC will break even on Capitol Riverfront investments this year
4 Pro-Gun Arguments We’re Sick of Hearing
Elections Still Matter: Virginia Democrats Stun State Energy Monopoly in Late-Night Rejection
Jeff Bezos, Amazon and Why ‘Charity’ Is the Wrong Solution
Seeing Like a Neoliberal, Part 1: Blinded by the Data
Charter school teachers vote to unionize
We Have No Other Choice But to Politicize It

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