Intersectionality, National Rifle Association Style

The NRA actually tweeted this:

For posterity:


In 2018, words still have meaning. They, however, often lack any basis in or relationship to reality.

This is the Republican base. And any Republican who still associates with NRA batshitloonitarians–or any of the other sundry conservative batshitloonitarians–needs to be constantly shamed and shunned. And not just the public mouthpieces. All of them. We do not have to nice to these assholes; we really shouldn’t have ever been in the first place.

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1 Response to Intersectionality, National Rifle Association Style

  1. John Danley says:

    There is no spell worse than the incantations of LaPierre apologists who capitalize on multifarious layers of polarization while orchestrating a gambit of bad faith prestidigitation. Ballistic fantasies are now more important than having a conversation about social conditions in North America.

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