Links 6/16/18

Links for you. Science:

China increasingly challenges American dominance of science
Thousands of women will avoid chemo thanks to a study funded by the breast cancer stamp
Bacteria Survive in NASA’s Clean Rooms by Eating Cleaning Products
Pandemics: spend on surveillance, not prediction
The Many Ways Women Get Left Out of Paleontology


We Do Love Children In America (short, important)
Child abuse is now part of America’s official immigration policy
This DC bill could help bolster affordable housing and protect low-income borrowers
The best description I’ve heard for the Trump Presidency so far.
Why Are There So Many Unsheltered Homeless People in California?
The GOP Is Out of the Closet
Some Bankruptcy Judges Finding Ways to Give Desperate Student Borrowers Relief
D.C.’s War Over Restaurant Tips Will Soon Go National
Forget the ‘Wonder Woman’ reboot — locals remember the real Commander Salamander
Too ‘Woke’ for the Jury Box?
News Flash: Shorter Patents Are Not More Activist Government
Single-Payer or Bust
Amazon Crushes a Small Tax That Would Have Helped the Homeless
Why Nothing Sticks to Trump
Adam Putnam’s office stopped reviewing concealed weapons background checks for a year because it couldn’t log in
Being Black in America Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Cavity country:Rural America has too few dentists — and too few patients who can pay
I’m A US-Born Army Vet. Why Did Border Patrol Just Try To Arrest Me And My Wife?

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