Remind Me What We Fought For Again?

Since the Tsarnaev brothers put the lie to the notion that ‘we’re fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here’, how’s that other justification for the Iraq War doing? No, not weapons of mass destruction you silly! Freedom (boldface mine):

Now the Iraqi government is poised to legalize child marriage for the nation’s majority Shiite Muslim population. But the law, which some expect to pass before this month’s parliamentary elections, would do significantly more than that.

Called the Jaafari Personal Status Law, it would prohibit Muslim men from marrying non-Muslims, prevent women from leaving the house without their husband’s consent, automatically grant custody of children older than two to their father in divorce cases and legalize marital rape.

The law, which proponents say will save women’s “rights and dignity,” would also permit boys to marry as young as 15 and girls to marry as young as nine. Girls younger than nine would be permitted to marry with a parent’s approval.

Mission accomplished. Though they do appear to have adopted the American custom of gulling the rubes (boldface mine):

Despite widespread criticism, the law was approved by Iraq’s Council of Ministers on Feb. 25 and sent to parliament for passage. The body’s decision to table it Tuesday was widely seen as a gambit to appease conservative Shiites before the upcoming elections.

Is there nothing conservatives can’t fuck up? It just never ends.

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