Links 9/27/16

Links for you. Science:

What has happened down here is the winds have changed (must-read; accessible to non-scientists)
Patients Turn To San Diego Stem Cell Companies For Costly, Unproven Treatments
In First, UN Will Consider Antibiotic Resistance
Could Ancient Remedies Hold the Answer to the Looming Antibiotics Crisis? (much work to be done, etc…)
A terrific site for archeology, except for all the things that could kill you


The Wells Fargo Scandal Was By Design
How can anyone take standardized test scores seriously when stuff like this happens?
Magician Penn Jillette worked with Trump—’However bad you think he is, he’s worse’
How Trump winks at political violence
On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. continues to push white supremacist themes
Did Trump Get Sued for Staging an Un-Winnable Hole-in-One Contest?
Show Up, Enroll, Drop Your Kid Off
I Went to D.C. to Watch Elizabeth Warren Stand Up for Our Country Today: And I also got a reminder that the financial industry’s business model is fraud
Japan has a worrying number of virgins, government finds
The NRA Wants You to Be Afraid, So They Tell You Lies
The Death of ‘He Said, She Said’ Journalism
How Tech Companies Disrupted Silicon Valley’s Restaurant Scene (by “disruption”, they mean spiraling rents)
Charlotte Is Just the Latest City to Explode. There Will Be Others.
Robert Reich: A Donald Trump supporter learns his candidate is a con man
The five most ridiculous fitness trends ever
Beaver comes out of water, bites man’s shoe. Man punches beaver in head.
Sam Bee Is at the Top of Her Game, So of Course a Columnist Tries to Take Her Down: Ross Douthat also neglects to understand that bathroom rights are human rights
‘You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake.’ Fliers like these are showing up on lawns across the U.S.
Swampoodle, D.C.’s hidden neighborhood

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