Links 5/24/13

Links for you. Science:

Want to keep women in science? Pay postdocs more. (or rethink the fundamental structure of basic research science)
Becoming an individual twin isn’t about genetics or environment, but how you experience them
Good (and bad) news from the Open Access front
Dog and man: a 30,000 year friendship
The big fat truth


Watergate as an expression of Richard Nixon’s personality (first paragraph nails it)
Which Democrats Just Voted against Food Stamp Funding?
Tone Policing Only Goes One Way
Rahm Emanuel’s Zombie Pigs vs. Chicago’s Angry Birds
Time To Rethink Statutory Rape (And Related) Laws
‘Boys Will Be Boys’ in U.S., but Not in Asia
Spycraft for Hacks
Giving Poor Kids Computers Does Nothing Whatsoever To Their Educational Outcomes
Top Democrats React to Low-Wage Federal Workers’ Strike
The Apple of My Eye
Science, Racism and Political Correctness
Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics (there was no chance, after the John Paul purges, that he would be good on sex-related topics. But the Jesuits are very good on other things)
What if 501(c)4 Organizations Had to Disclose Their Donors?

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