“Wealthy Libertarian” Is a Synonym For…

“cheap, miserable son of a bitch.” Case in point, libertarian überbankroller David Koch (boldface mine):

At one point, a former doorman—his face shrouded in shadow, to preserve his anonymity—says that when he “started at 740” his assumption was that “come around to Christmastime I’m going to get a thousand from each resident. You know, because they are multibillionaires. But it’s not that way.” He continues, “These guys are businessmen. They know what the going rate is—they’re not going to give you anything more than that. The cheapest person over all was David Koch. We would load up his trucks—two vans, usually—every weekend, for the Hamptons . . . multiple guys, in and out, in and out, heavy bags. We would never get a tip from Mr. Koch. We would never get a smile from Mr. Koch. Fifty-dollar check for Christmas, too—yeah, I mean, a check! At least you could give us cash.”

My net worth and annual income are orders of magnitude lower than David Koch and I give the people in my building more than fifty dollars for Christmas. Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, $50 to a guy like Koch is a rounding error of a rounding error.

What an asshole.

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6 Responses to “Wealthy Libertarian” Is a Synonym For…

  1. albanaeon says:

    Yeah, I maintain the fascination with Ayn Rand and her “philosophy” revolves entirely around the fact it makes assholism a virtue above virtues and assuring them that their adolescent power trip is reality.

    I wonder if part of it is that they have to know that their philosophy is horseshit and they are where they are by an accident of birth or if they really believe they are all powerful Titans that the universe revolves around and they are merely treating everyone else as they deserve to be treated as insignificant moochers.

    Either way, “asshole” really doesn’t even cover the damage they end up doing.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    ” … Fifty-dollar check for Christmas, too—yeah, I mean, a check! At least you could give us cash.”

    Why? So you can fail to report it on your tax return?

    • Rich S. says:

      Interesting how a blog post about assholes brings out the assholes in the comment threads, as well.

  3. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Rich Assholes have always stayed Rich by squeezing the poor not by giving them good pay for their labor. You think a Neo-Feudal Landgrave like David Koch stays a Billionaire by paying the serfs who toil for him?

  4. Art says:

    As a tradesman the only people who ever gave us problems were the wealthy. And the wealthier they were the more likely they were to drag their feet making payments. Pushy and demanding as we worked, always asking for extras, and then when the work was done it was all ‘well … I’m a little short right now … but I can give you half of it today and … They always seemed to be working an angle.

    The odd thing was that we also did work for very poor people. Many of them paid after the work was done but some arranged for payments. They might have to pay a $700 bill $50 a month but, almost without exception, they payed. They didn’t balk, or hem and haw, or make us pester them for payments. That was what rich people did.

  5. Fred the Fair-minded says:

    Well, as a tradesman, I too have worked for many wealthy people, as well as people who are less well-off.

    My experience has been, almost without exception, that my wealthiest clients argue less about the cost, and pay more promptly, than anyone else. They do demand to get exactly what they want. And they do expect what they get to perform the way they want it. But the “asshole” population seems easily more heavily distributed toward the lower end. Maybe my experience is unusual.

    If the doorman doesn’t like his job, I assume he’s free to change it ?

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