Links 6/13/13

Links for you. Science:

Speak up and matter
This Guy Reinvented the Wheel … by Turning It Into a Cube
An aerial view of the problem (superb)
Back room science
Affirmation Means Employment


Southern Conservatives Revive Calhounism—Tyranny of the Minority
No One Is Immune. I Am Not Immune.
Why don’t schools teach typing? (a typing class is actually very useful)
10 Things Americans Underestimate About Our Massive Surveillance State
The government is almost certainly recording your phone calls
‘I Cannot Figure Out Why This Was Classified to Begin With’ (because it’s politically embarrassing)
Peter DeFazio Petitions Obama to Fix the Post Office
The spy who came in for your soul
Order Your Chicken Rare: Nearly Lost Breeds Make a Comeback
The Quiet Closing of Washington
Forgive Jonah Lehrer? Not yet
We Misunderstood Barack: He only wanted the Domestic Surveillance to be Made Legal, not to End It
James Clapper and the Iraqi WMD
Shady government-tied organization making list of every registered Virginia gun owner

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5 Responses to Links 6/13/13

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    the sine-wave pattern of the wheels’ treads reduces the surface area that makes contact with the ground

    That sounds almost certainly wrong.

    • Dbp says:

      Yes, the amount of contact with the ground should be pretty much the same.
      Even if the amount of wheel touching the ground was reduced, wouldn’t there be increased pressure on the places still touching? Same weight distributed to an even smaller area. Actually, there might be even more weight with bigger and heavier wheels and whatever is needed to accommodate them.

  2. Cathy W says:

    My school district does teach typing, or at least keyboarding, in the elementary schools. I don’t think they teach a lot of the things I remember from typing class like “how to format a business letter” – but I think on a “life skills” level that’s a lot less important than being able to put text into the computer with basic speed and accuracy, especially since fixing a mistake involves moving pixels around instead of white-out or that alleged ink eraser. I don’t know Daughter’s exact speed, but I’d guess she’s closer to 50-60 wpm than 30-40.

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