The Waffle House Murderer Did Not Beat Four People To Death With His… Manhood

And if we outlaw penises, then only outlaws will have penises. Or something. Three comments on the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee by a naked gunman with an AR-15. First, we have reached the point where the only way spree shootings enter our consciousness is if the gunman is nekkid. Second, as is usually the case, he wasn’t stopped by a ‘good guy with a gun’, but a brave person who rushed the murderer while reloading. Third, he didn’t kill, as the post title notes, four people with his dick, he murdered them with an AR-15.

The one common feature in mass shootings isn’t ideology or mental health, it’s a gun, usually a semi-automatic weapon. Just ban them and buy them back, even if that means some people don’t make money off of those policies.

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