Links 1/11/13

Links for you. Science:

Self-confidence of women in science and a camel
Child vaccination rates fall
Menino Declares Flu Outbreak a Health Emergency (good links too)
Synthetic Stool Can Cure C. Difficile Infection, Study Suggests
The Million-Dollar Dinosaur Scandal: Meet the crooks, smugglers, and counterfeiters who run the most brazen fossil scams.


If Andrew Sullivan Is The Future of Journalism Then Journalism Is Fucked (must-read; this post was written, in part, as a satire of Sullivan)
Call Time For Congress Shows How Fundraising Dominates Bleak Work Life (the modern federal politician is fundamentally a high-end telemarketer)
Homeless in Suburbia:As more suburban students face homelessness, schools have a crucial role to play in ensuring their safety and fair treatment.
Boston becoming well-heeled Sole City
Shared sacrifice – except for CEOs
What Exactly is Measured in Michelle Rhee’s Bogus State Report Card? (my take here)
Congress somewhere below cockroaches, traffic jams, and Nickelback in Americans’ esteem (more gonzo polling)
This Rape Infographic Is Going Viral. Too Bad It’s Wrong.
In New Paper, Professor Thoma Overlooks The Contribution of Financial Bloggers
Rape Prevention Aimed At Rapists Does Work: The “Don’t Be That Guy” Campaign
More bogosity from Michelle Rhee
Rhee Versus Reality: How Not to Grade Restaurants and Schools
Did education reform cause France to lose WWII?

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  1. onkelbob says:

    That Sullivan piece is beyond must read. It is Compulsory Reading. It should be in bold. It is also interesting that Jay Rosen describes it as a “hit piece” I am under the impression that using the facts and actual words of the subject are, well, journalism. Then again, I never held Rosen in much esteem anyway.

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