What Country Is Rick Perry Running To Be President Of?

As the presidential campaign silly season kicks into high gear, one expects candidates to do all of the corny, ‘jus folks’ idiocy. So it’s not surprising that perpetual Republican presidential candidate and Texas governor Rick Perry had a country singer, Colt Ford, rewrite of his songs to become Perry’s campaign song and then perform it. What is surprising is this patch Ford has been seen wearing:


Apparently, the restoration of the Union and the liberation of millions of African-American slaves are best thought of as terrorism. Do I think Perry believes that? Probably not. But this is whom the Republicans are courting. This is an essential part of their base, and, as I’ve been noting for a long time, racism is a key Republican strategy.

And they wonder why they have an outreach problem.

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  1. anthrosciguy says:

    Put a circle with a diagonal line through it over that flag and you’ve got a tag line that now makes sense.

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