Links 6/12/15

Links for you. Science:

This Unbelievable Coincidence Is Responsible For Life In The Universe
Particle And Astro Aren’t The Only Kinds Of Physics
Influenza Activity — United States, 2014–15 Season and Composition of the 2015–16 Influenza Vaccine (“Among the 626 hospitalized women of childbearing age (15–44 years), 200 (31.9%) were pregnant.”)
South Korean MERS outbreak is not a global threat
Frogs ‘under threat’ from goldfish in garden ponds: Exotic species of fish have been blamed for a disease which causes deaths of thousands of wild frogs


Two faced Tor (broader point is very important)
The government still takes threats against its own more seriously than threats against normal citizens
Health-Care Profiteering in America: The Affordable Care Act remains under siege from the annals of the greatest health-care system there ever was.
Female UFC Fighter Explains to Man That He Sexually Harassed the Wrong Woman
The Truth About America’s Graduation Rate
The Messy Link Between Slave Owners And Modern Management
Hermann Zapf, 96, Dies; Designer Whose Letters Are Found Everywhere
Florida law passed under Jeb Bush required some single mothers to advertise their sexual history
Fire ladder demonstration, Copley Square, Boston, 1948
What Makes a Woman Is Less Important Than What Makes a Feminist
Women Are Being Arrested and Jailed for Self-Abortion
The Lobbying Bonanza
There’s a big racial disparity in where people born in DC end up moving (or not moving)
The entire music industry is just another feature of the iPhone
The North-South Divide on Two-Parent Families
What is code? (very long but very good)
Serious Allegations Against MPD Last Night – “Police beat and arrested our neighbor”

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2 Responses to Links 6/12/15

  1. onkelbob says:

    Sayre’s law is what comes to mind about this sad rabid puppy thing. Mind you, I wouldn’t piss on Theodore if he was on fire. Nevertheless, it nothing about nothing amounting to nothing.

  2. bob says:

    The “unbelievable coincidence” claimed to be “responsible for life in the universe” is somewhat exaggerated

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