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The Hard Part Of The Green New Deal Isn’t Paying For It

That’s the easy part. Much of the criticism of the Green New Deal (GND) has involved bleating about how will pay for it, often using ridiculous estimates. Well, we’ll pay for it the same way we pay for all of … Continue reading

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Why I Am Pessimistic About Global Warming Progress

Maybe it’s the jumping forward due to Daylight Saving Time still kicking in, but the problem in combating global warming is that the ‘zipless fuck’ solutions aren’t enough. Weatherizing your house and driving an electric vehicle aren’t enough. We’ll outsource … Continue reading

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Feinstein’s Green New Deal Alternative Is Par For The Course

Which is to say that it’s insufficient. Before we get to her proposal, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein caught a lot of deserved flack over the weekend for her response to child protestors linked to the Sunrise Movement (boldface mine): But … Continue reading

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Extortion, Justice, And The Green New Deal

After last week’s unveiling of the Green New Deal (GND), I was really tempted to ignore it, as never has so much emo been vented in reaction to a non-binding resolution with support of twenty percent of the House and … Continue reading

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Unwilling To Truly Combat Global Warming: The WaPo Transit Edition

While this Washington Post editorial would appear to be about a minor transit issue, it represents the kind of failure that we must end if we’re serious about stopping climate change (boldface mine): WHEN GOV. Larry Hogan (R) last year … Continue reading

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Yellow Vests, Gas Taxes, And Getting Serious About Global Warming

Last week, I noted that, despite the rhetoric we hear from some quarters, we are not serious about combating global warming. Why? Because, even in cities where there is a shortage of multi-unit housing accessible by mass transit–the most energy … Continue reading

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The Environment Deficit

As some asshole with a blog has noted, when you have real needs and resources that can be mobilized, currency should never be the rate-limiting step. At all (boldface mine): Across America, calls for climate action are growing louder and … Continue reading

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