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CDC Q Fever Lab: FAIL!

I’m a big fan of duct tape. It very well might represent the apotheosis of American technological ingenuity. But two things do not go together: Q Fever and duct tape.
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I Think the NY Times Editors Read My Blog (The Bobby Jindal Edition)

Who needs the NY Times? Just read my blog.
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Self-Hating Science Teacher and ID Proponent Forces Expelled on Students…

…and that wasn’t the worst part.
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Democrats Cave on FISA and the Rule of Law

This is the vitiation of the Fourth Amendment and the creation of presidential fiat. Here’s something you can do about it.
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A Complaint About PAUP*

I want my menus back.
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Lenski*: Please Don’t Respond to Schlafly and Purdom

You can’t reason with ignoramuses.
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Impact Factors and (Redux)

Don’t worry about impact factors; worry about your eigenfactor.
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Mother to McCain: “You Can’t Have Him”

The Washington Mandarins are clutching their pearls over this dastardly Democratic ad.
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The Political Failure of Charter Schools: Conservatives Reap What They Have Sown

For the last two decades, give or take, charter schools have been a cause celebre for conservatives. Yet they seem to have abandoned them as a political issue. Here’s one reason why (italics mine):

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About That Mutations-Are-Always-Bad Creationist Idiocy… (Again)

Mutations can restore function. Don’t tell the creationists.
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