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Good Schools and ‘Bad’ Students

While resources are necessary for remedial education, they are not sufficient.
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Professional Wingnuts: IDiots and Gay-Haters

There’s a lot of bucks to be made if you’re a professional wingnut.
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More on Kuhnian Revolutions: the SteveG Edition

Hey, he’s the one who brought up Imre Lakatos.
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Little Rock Remembered: The Problem We All Live With

And there’s still a long way to go.
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Right-Wing Militarists Beat Father of Marine

When you justify your beliefs based on authority, your beliefs are threatened, not by logic, but by an equal and countervailing authority. One can’t have that, so one just beats the crap out of your opponent.
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Science Doesn’t Have Kuhnian Revolutions Everyday

Regardless of the cause of paradigm shifts, the notion that they are the primary mode by which science operates seems to be prevalent. They’re not.
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Quote of the Day: The Surge Edition

Because it’s never too late to have lots of surgetastic goodness.
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