Sunday Sermon: Books Are Weapons

…in the of ideas–one war I’ll gladly get behind. If you want to see the original poster and you’re in the Boston area, you can at the Boston Public Library at Copley Square:

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5 Responses to Sunday Sermon: Books Are Weapons

  1. Corkscrew says:

    “People die but books never die”
    Tell that to Marcion of Sinope, founder of a second-century variant of Christianity. If you haven’t heard of him then that’s probably because no copies of his books survived. Most of our knowledge of him comes from those who considered him a heretic.
    Sorry to be cynical – it’s a nice idea – but sufficient tyranny can easily obliterate thought itself. It’s dangerous to forget that.

  2. zayzayem says:

    I like the tagline, but the sad thing is that books can (and have) be destroyed by fire.
    …plus it causes global warming.

  3. whig says:

    Blogs cannot be destroyed by fire. Unless someone takes down

  4. Tanya says:

    It’s always about the men, though, isn’t it?

  5. thanks..

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