Links 11/15/15

Links for you. Science:

Catherine Scott Spent All of Friday Afternoon Waiting for Her Spiders to Have Sex
Why New Antibiotics Never Come to Market (not a great allocation of capital)
Scientists devise new method to solve significant variables conundrum
When whales disappear, so does their ecosystem-sustaining poop
Lion Population in Africa Likely to Fall by Half, Study Finds


Hillary Clinton Taking Fire From Left as Well as Right (well meaning progressives who forget history are condemned to repeat it; this wasn’t about trying to find the best deal in the system but getting re-elected)
Elizabeth Warren on How Clinton Backed Student Loan and Mortgage Debt Slavery with Bankruptcy “Reform” (ditto)
UPS Continues Its “Wreck the Post Office” Campaign, Presses for Increases on Parcel Prices
Syria Is a Clusterf*ck, and It’s About to Get Worse for the U.S.
Congressman Mo Brooks: Republicans oppose immigration reform because “it changes the voter pool”
‘Good’ Jobs Aren’t Coming Back
The Republican Party’s Strategy to Ignore Poverty
Things are getting nasty between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. And that’s fine.
Judge bars warlock from harassing witch in Salem
Will Americans ever embrace the 30-hour workweek?
Northeast Iowa And Suffolk County, Long Island Have Something In Common– DCCC Malfeasance
I spent 11 years in prison. Here’s what I wish I’d known before I got out.
It’s time to stop watching football
For Whom The Bell Tolls; It Tolls For Rhee

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