Links 7/31/16

Links for you. Science:

Trump Is Waging A War On Napping. Here’s The Science Of Why He’s Wrong.
The controversial practice of storing carbon underground may be safer than we thought
English Bulldogs Have Reached a Genetic Dead End
Meet the World’s Highest Concentration of Gray Reef Sharks
German researchers identify 402 MCR-1 isolates


A Bit Too Early For The Shit Eating Phase
A Critical Vote for Clinton
Zoning Arrived 100 Years Ago. It Changed New York City Forever.
How Bernie Sanders Flipped the ‘Crotchety Jewish Socialist’ Script on Hillary Clinton
The Democratic Convention Was Senior Week
Former Fox News Booker Says She Was Sexually Harassed and ‘Psychologically Tortured’ by Roger Ailes for More Than 20 Years
The Country’s Worst Anti-Voting Law Was Just Struck Down in North Carolina
Hillary Clinton Will Be Good for Business, Predicts Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist
Appeals Court Smacks Down North Carolina’s Attempt to Suppress the Black Vote
Why charter schools get public education advocates so angry
Brexit Blues
Make America Great Again
Putin’s Internet Trolls Are Stoking The Vitriolic Fire By Posing As Trump Supporters
White people think racism is getting worse. Against white people.
Costs Of Wizards Practice Facility Is Already Up By $10 Million
Newly popular Ashmont tests developers’ ability to finance workforce housing

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