Links 7/28/16

Links for you. Science:

Deepak Chopra Says Bacteria Listen To Our Thoughts
Today’s misleading overselling the #microbiome – U. Chicago on Alzheimer’s and gut microbes
Jill Stein, Anti-Vaxxer and Homeopathy Sympathizer – Whocoodanode?
Second case of Zika in Florida may have come from local mosquitoes
CAUTI: A diagnosis in search of a disease


The Case Against the Media. By the Media.
No Ordinary Place
Why Libraries Are Everywhere in the Czech Republic
Believe it or not: Metro trains used to be the best heat-wave hangouts in D.C.
Despite what you’ve heard, Democrats aren’t in disarray. Their party is under attack from the outside.
Wikileaks Put Women in Turkey in Danger, for No Reason
Suspected Russian hack of DNC widens — includes personal email of staffer researching Manafort
#BernieorBust Dead-Enders Are Not Representative of Sanders or his Supporters (and we deserve better representation than some of those assholes)
The (alleged) Russian hack of the DNC should be one of the biggest stories of the year. Why isn’t it?
US Labor Department investigation finds Capitol Hill cafeteria workers illegally denied more than $1M in wages by federal food service contractors
Convention Dissent: There’s Less Than Meets the Eye
The One Demographic That Is Hurting Hillary Clinton (“But many white working-class men do not feel privileged — not in a society where power and status are often vested in well-educated elites along the coasts. From their standpoint, the Democratic Party might look like an identity politics patronage system — affirmative action, immigration, “political correctness,” gender or whatever else.” But class is the Identity That Shall Not Be Named™)
The DNC Hack Is Watergate, but Worse
DNC Leak Shows Mechanics of a Slanted Campaign
I’m with Brian Fallon
The Sighted and the Blinkered

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