Passive Aggressive Poop Collection on Beacon Hill

Observed on Pinckney Street, Beacon Hill, Boston:

Passive aggressive

(The cutoff sentence on the top page says, “Understand your point.)

Curb your dog, and throw away the poop, please.

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6 Responses to Passive Aggressive Poop Collection on Beacon Hill

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    However, this looks really ugly sitting out on the street.

    That’s in reference to the garbage can for disposing of dog poop? But the bags of dog poop scattered around were somehow acceptable?

  2. hipparchia says:

    back when the dog and i used to jog 3 miles every night on frosty cold nights, i could always count on him needing to stop and poop twice. ta da! all natural, 100% organic, biodegradable handwarmers! for free!

    in the summer it’s too hot here to make dogs go jogging, so we would walk slowly from one blade of grass to the next, and yes, i often bagged up the poop, left it by the curb, and picked it up on our way back to the house.

    moral of the story being: if you want people to pick up after their dogs, you need lots of trash cans everywhere.

  3. ha ha!!
    I live on a house next to a field, where the path to the field goes right past my front yard, and it’s a heavily used by teens and dog walkers. The only time I’ve ever had poop in our yard is when one of the neighbor’s dogs gets loose and goes there. Purely accidental.
    Generally people heading into the field, have their dogs trained to poop – out in the field.

    Though you might think we had a problem judging on another neighbor next door who has several signs up warning people to clean up their pet waste!
    Turned out that it was all due to ONE person in the neighborhood, who started getting into a feud with this neighbor, including, deliberately bringing her dog to poop right in front of them for spite, after they asked her to clean up after the dog once.
    So you wonder how many times stuff like this happens, and it’s really just about a personal dispute between 2 people, rather than a neighborhood problem.

    I have often thought well, if it turned out to be a problem, we would get one of those pet waste receptacles like are in parks, on the path, right next to where we put out our weekly trash for collection, and we could just change the bin liner weekly no problem at all.
    It does kind of seem like a passive aggressively co-dependent solution, doesn’t it?
    But my view of it was that I like the people who walk their dogs into the field past our house. Some of them regularly stop to chat, and I pet their dogs! I like dogs. I thought of it as a courtesy that would benefit everybody.

    But I never heard of people who actually took the time to bag the crap, but then leave it behind. I understand the laziness of just letting the dog poop & then just straight up walking away. But if you’re going to take the time to bag it… and then leave the whole bag with the poop behind… ? That’s just weird.

  4. David Atkins says:

    F’n dog owners. When I lived in suburbia we all big nice lawns, but every day the dog owners would drag their little sh*t machines over to the neighbor’s lawn to do their doodies. *MY* lawn is far too fine to bescumber with such nastiness. Better to do it over their, where the lesser folks don’t care what disease ridden filth is deposited on their turf. Homeowners’ Association meetings were, as you might imagine, a riot.

  5. informania says:

    Do use a recycled paper-bag please! I often lie awake at night contemplating the enormous plastic-wrapped shit-pile building up somewhere for the simple sake of shiny shoes.

    However, if your dog is not on any antibiotics those feces do pose a welcome source of nutrition to your local bird populations. Winter is coming and those little buggers could use your help..

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