Links 10/21/13

Links for you. Science:

How to lie with statistics and econometrics
U.S. Shutdown Ends, Scientists Head Back to Work
Measured in human terms
Should You Eat Chicken?
My experience with Dr. Asshole
NIH issues new grant submission dates, reschedules meetings, offers “refresh” opportunity


Reign Of Morons: Apotheosis, Starring Ted Yoho (must-read–this pretty much encapsulates the last thirty years of U.S. political history)
Getting Ripped: There’s more where that came from!
“The Worst Part Is Not.” (must-read)
For Many Hard-Liners, Debt Default Is the Goal
Sinking the ship in order to save it
The path to postal nirvana: An entitlement program for the mail industry
The Inefficiency of the Market Isn’t an Open Question
Ted Cruz Admits Budget Standoff Was All About Building Fundraising Lists
“If It’s So Great, Why Don’t You Do It?”: One of the Stupidest Anti-Obamacare Arguments
Pro-shutdown SD ranchers upset shutdown means no federal aid for devastating blizzard
Go Ahead, Celebrate — You’re Celebrating Failure
Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States

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