Links 2/28/14

Links for you. Science:

Alan Alda, Spokesman for Science
Sausage Made With Bacteria From Baby Poop Isn’t as Gross as It Sounds
Can aspirin fight cancer? The medicine-cabinet staple seems to be a powerful weapon, though it’s not without risks.
Acid trap: Earth’s oceans are beginning to warm and turn acidic, endangering plankton and the entire marine food chain


You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong. (“We all know what teachers do, right? After all, we were all students.”)
Video killed the bootstrapper: Why the Netflix-Comcast deal is bad for entrepreneurs
Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Exposing troubling ties in the U.S. to overt Nazi and fascist protesters in Ukraine.
The Dark Power of Fraternities
Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It’s not always for health reasons
Shock over Ukraine
Peggy Noonan writes the most ironic, un-self-aware column in the history of Western civilization
What America’s Economic Activity Looks like Split in Half
Who Cheating Hurts
An Open Letter From a Death Star Architect
This Is What Happens When You Put Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth
Can America Afford To Bring Home The Employee Army?
Why I left the GOP: I grew up in a rich, Republican household, but after Katrina and Iraq, I realized my priorities were out of order

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