Republicans Will Ratf*ck Democrats from the Left

Last week, Amanda Marcotte made a very good prediction that conservatives will attack Democrats from the left, not the right. After all, they did that with Social Security, after New Democrats, including Obama and Biden, tried to cut it in order to ‘save it.’ Never mind that most movement conservatives want to destroy Social Security, they have never had any qualms about appearing farther left when it is politically expedient.

The chutzpah is strong in them.

We then saw the right-wing rag, the Washington Examiner, break a non-troversy about a forty year-old Sanders quote about arch-segregationist George Wallace taken out of context, in which they attempted to claim that Sanders was sympathetic to racists. In reality, he called Wallace a racial demagogue and linked him to Hitler.

Then during the Super Bowl, Il Trumpe et alia ran an add where they implied that the Trump Administration is freeing lots of black men (in reality, after a campaign by Kim Kardashian, he pardoned one guy); again, the reality is opposite.

If and when you decide to vote for a Democrat in this year’s primaries, remember that, as absurd as it is, Republicans will attempt to run against the Democrat from the left. The goal isn’t to convince left-leaning people to vote Democrats, it’s simply to discourage turnout. Consider this strategy when you’re thinking about who is ‘electable.’ After all, some candidates will be guilty, at least in part, of these accusations. Consider who would be less harmed by this and who would have gaping vulnerabilities. Consider whose campaign and supporters are able to launch an effective counterattack.

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  1. artichoke says:

    The ad showed a black woman who had been freed. So it’s more than “one man”, right there. Are you saying that woman wasn’t freed, or not because of Trump? Or are you on distant terms with the truth?

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