I Would Like to Thank Obsessive Republicans for Saving Social Security From Obama

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Then it winds up on TMZ. Or something.

With whispers of impeachment in the air, things are starting to resemble the Clinton era a little bit. What many forgot (or never knew–DAMN MILLENIALZ!!) is that Clinton, like Obama, wanted to cut Social Security. He very well could have pulled off a deal with Republicans and conservative Democrats, until the Lewinsky affair blew up. Clinton was weakened and couldn’t afford to alienate his base. The impeachment hearings also served as a major distraction from serious policy initiatives (this was good for Social Security, but completely derailed the Kennedy/Frist hearings on antibiotic resistance, possibly resulting in many thousands of avoidable deaths).

I realize that when impeachment of a Democratic president is on the table, many conservatives start singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” But that’s really stupid on their part. If they just had the sense to keep their fucking yaps shut and let Obama be Obama (to use a phrase), they would probably get significant cuts in Social Security and other safety net programs for very little cost (and any tax hikes can always be lowered later). That’s what the money boys want.

Instead, they’re going to get a gigantic circlejerk circus that weakens their ability to accomplish their goal of the eradication of the New Deal and the Great Society.

Thank the Intelligent Designer for fucking morons.

Well, except for all the collateral damage.

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