Links 2/6/20

Links for you. Science:

Terminating contamination: large-scale search identifies more than 2,000,000 contaminated entries in GenBank
Scientists are moving at record speed to create new coronavirus vaccines—but they may come too late
How David Rosenhan’s fraudulent Thud experiment set back psychiatry for decades
Lungs ‘magically’ heal damage from smoking
Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed
US underprepared for coronavirus due to Trump cuts, say health experts


Electric or Not, Big SUVs Are Inherently Selfish
Why I’m switching from Biden to Sanders (he got screwed by healthcare)
This Is The Buzzy Democratic Firm That Botched The Iowa Caucuses
Iowa, Democrats, and Elite Incompetence
Block grants, baselines and flu seasons
Washington Post Threatened Another Star Reporter Over His Tweets (according to the Washington Post editors, ignoring bigotry isn’t political, but noticing it is)
Coronavirus forces world’s largest telework experiment
Is D.C. waging a ‘war on cars’? (drivers killed 27 people in D.C. last year; I would say drivers and their cars are winning)
American democracy is screwed (interesting, but multiparty systems can be gridlocked too)
Why Is Everybody So Damn Angry?
The lessons from historic preservation councils blocking solar panels (important)
You Had a Nice Run, Iowa, But It’s Time to Fade Into the Background For a While
Lamar Alexander’s craven surrender to Trump leaves our country exposed
Albert Speer was closer to the Fuhrer than any other henchman—yet he literally got away with mass murder. How do such things happen?
The richest man in the world racked up $16,800 in parking tickets during renovation to his DC mansion: Of the 564 citations written over three years, $5,600 worth of tickets were unpaid, some dating back years. (shithead)
The Unfiltered Thoughts of Voters Who’ve Switched
What does unifying the party even mean?
‘We knew what would happen’ under Trump — but the media just played along: CNN commentator Wajahat Ali
Lewd Comments to Assault: Metro Rider Complaints Describe Alleged Sex Harassment by Staff
China, Desperate to Stop Coronavirus, Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor (not helping)
Number of Homeless Students Rises to New High, Report Says

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2 Responses to Links 2/6/20

  1. zero says:

    That bit from Martin Gurri seems to be missing the point. Some key insights that make a lot of sense (such as government needing to control information about internal processes and how that control has failed) but I don’t buy the net conclusion. He outright states that most government failures are due to incompetence rather than malice and greed, that people are getting the wrong idea about what’s happening, and that the tea party and feminists are a both-sides pair with many parallels.

    I see the exact opposite. People are pissed because they can finally see what’s happening behind the curtain and they don’t like it. There is plenty of tribalism / echo chamber tendencies and selective hearing going on, but for the most part we have access to more and better information than ever before about how our government is being run. We don’t like it, and we’re making that opinion known. If those in power don’t like this result then they should try actually representing the people and furthering our goals instead of enriching their friends and seeking power for its own sake. As for the tea party and feminists, well, one is a carefully-controlled mob fed a steady diet of disinformation and hate while the other is a decades-long movement for human dignity regardless of gender. The only ‘both sides’ to take from that is that all movements have fringes and fringes tend to say or do newsworthy things.

  2. Guy screwed by health insurance – surprised the company paid out his condition at all if it was caused by a car accident – they usually compel people to sue their own car insurance company or even a relative if that’s the driver

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