Just As You Reap…

Well, it was bound to happen: at some point, the Republicans were going to be called on their hypocrisy regarding social issues, and when it happened, it was going to be ugly. David Brock, in Blinded by the Right, called the rather prevalent gay Republicans “laissez fairies”. Now, rumors are surfacing that Republican uber-pollster Mark Mellman is gay.

If Mellman wanted to sleep with 72 porn stars, gay or straight, I could care less as long as he is decent, just, and responsible (an unrelated aside: why would anyone want to sleep with 72 virgins?). The problem for Mellman, if these rumors are true, is that he is a member of a party that does care deeply about these things: this is what happens when a party decides to become the Jesus Party.

Let’s put this another way: if the Democratic genius behind a Democratic victory were gay, you could be certain of two things. First, most Democrats wouldn’t care. Second, we would make statements about ‘tolerance’, and embrace him for who he is.

Ah, the politics of personal destruction–payback’s a bitch.

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