Links 12/30/19

Links for you. Science:

Another Benefit to Going to Museums? You May Live Longer
A major funder of the anti-vaccine movement has made millions selling natural health products
Low-Income Baltimore Blocks Host Bigger, More Dangerous Mosquitoes
Changing Seas Bring ‘Turtle Stranding Season’ to Cape Cod


China flight systems jammed by pig farm’s African swine fever defences
My Green Manufacturing Plan for America
Tax Amazon: Strike While the Iron is Hot
Don’t make them feel ashamed: What the left needs to learn
India’s foreign minister refused to meet me. I won’t stop speaking out on human rights.
NBC Couldn’t Change Its Toxic Workplace Culture. But a Union Might
The message from a recent Times focus group? Bernie Sanders is still in the game (Frank Luntz, so take with a grain of salt)
Parenting Your Aging Parents When They Don’t Want Help (bad title, good piece)
How Jimmy Stewart’s war service affected ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’
GOP Lawmaker Plotted Insurrections to Establish Christian State
How Chinese Food Fueled the Rise of California Punk
In struggle against traffic-safety scofflaws, OurStreets app set to report violations
The GOP Traded Their Souls for Tax Cuts and Judges. Dems Should Take Them Away in 2021.
A Clear Case for Resisting Student Tracking
The Questions That Will Ultimately Define Who We Are
Uber made it cheaper to take a helicopter than a car to the airport
Ten Facts You May Not Know About Hillcrest
U.S. diabetes patients turn to ‘black market’ for medications, supplies
How the French are fixing a housing crisis comparable to California’s
Michael Bloomberg’s Blatant Lies About Terrorism Show That He’s a Mainstream Politician

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