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Links 12/26/19

Links for you. Science: Many health care workers are refusing flu shots, endangering patients, regulators say Ghosts of the future: A massive Canadian fossil trove reminds us how fleeting life on Earth can be — and how much peril we’re … Continue reading

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Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and Brown M&Ms

Oh my? This week, we had two incidents that should be filed under “Brown M&Ms alert.” By brown M&Ms, I’m referring to how the band Van Halen used to include in their contracts a clause requiring a bowl of M&Ms … Continue reading

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Links 12/25/19

Links for you. Science: Characteristics of Patients Experiencing Rehospitalization or Death After Hospital Discharge in a Nationwide Outbreak of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use–Associated Lung Injury — United States, 2019 Scientists aren’t sure why identical twins differ. Armadillo quads offer … Continue reading

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USBG Christmas

As they do every year, the U.S. Botanic Garden in D.C. has its “Season’s Greenings” train exhibit, with this year’s theme being “America’s Gardens”. Enjoy: The Biltmore Conservatory, NC: MOAR BELOW!

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Links 12/24/19

Links for you. Science: History’s Greatest Sea Is Dying By 2025, we could fish and swim in the once notoriously-polluted Anacostia River Search for Habitable Worlds Joined by New European Space Telescope: The Cheops orbiter will give a closer examination … Continue reading

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Our Current Healthcare System Is a Bad Jobs Guarantee

One of the problems I have with Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg is that he uses Republican talking points to attack proposals that are popular, in general and with Democrats. Partying like it’s 1999 lost its appeal long ago. Case in … Continue reading

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Links 12/23/19

Links for you. Science: History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin: It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable. (this will be an ecological catastrophe that will make rainforest destruction seem benign) Can the Internet Survive Climate Change? Causal inference, adjusting … Continue reading

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If a Democrat Had Done This: The Matt Shea Domestic Terrorism Edition

In the era of Il Trumpe, I realize it’s trite to point this out, but we have yet another instance where the press reaction to Republican malfeasance is muted compared to the reaction a Democrat would receive. We go to … Continue reading

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Links 12/22/19

Links for you. Science: Case-based surveillance of antimicrobial resistance with full susceptibility profiles A Beginner’s Guide to Minority Professor Hires North American Birds Are Shrinking As The Planet Warms Whole Foods is selling dangerous anti-vaccine propaganda in its checkout aisles … Continue reading

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As they do every year, the National Zoo has ZooLights going on right now, every evening between 5-9 pm. Here are some pictures for you if you can’t make it:

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