Links 12/24/19

Links for you. Science:

History’s Greatest Sea Is Dying
By 2025, we could fish and swim in the once notoriously-polluted Anacostia River
Search for Habitable Worlds Joined by New European Space Telescope: The Cheops orbiter will give a closer examination to stars already known to host exoplanets.
Rude paper reviews are pervasive and sometimes harmful, study finds
The New Tree of Eukaryotes


America Turns From Tea Party to MMT in a Decade (very good)
Inside the Financial Relationship Between Pete Buttigieg and Charter School Backers
Sanders rides the bus Downtown with UPMC worker to talk about health care
Foiled Lobster Truck Heist in Charlestown “Was a Very Boston Experience for Everyone Involved”
Massachusetts Is Trying a Radical But Shockingly Simple New Response to the Opioid Crisis
MAGA MMA Fighter Makes a Titanic Error by Taunting His Immigrant Opponent
Google’s Dangerous Monopoly-Based Foreign Policy
Productivity Does Not Explain Wages
Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts Will Be Devastating to Trump Country
Kentucky’s ex-governor pardoned a child rapist because the 9-year-old victim’s hymen was intact
Bernie Could Be America’s First Feminist President
Pete for Corporate America
People hate shopping for health insurance
2019: A year in D.C. in photos
Pete Buttigieg’s Odd Time at McKinsey
The Terribly Difficult Things Health Care CEOs Must Do to Make the Big Bucks: Back-to-Back Meetings, Complicated Schedules, Fatiguing Driving?!
Transportation planners flunk Econ 101: Price elasticity of demand
Exclusive: Phrase ‘White Nationalists’ Cut From Measure To Screen Military Enlistees
Republicans’ latest excuse for opposing D.C. statehood represents a new low
Only a few decades ago, my children, there was an industry where they melted lead into the shape of words and put ink on it and pressed it against paper.

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