Links 12/29/19

Links for you. Science:

How we gave away the secrets of the universe and the wealth of the world
The surprisingly complicated physics of why cats always land on their feet
Crisis Looms in Antibiotics as Drug Makers Go Bankrupt
Long Overdue and Overly Short Notes on Clive’s NCM 2019 Talk
Air pollution is much more harmful than you know


William Greider, Journalist Who Focused on Economy, Dies at 83. In interviews with Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, he exposed doubts about the supply-side economics that the administration had embraced.
Bundlers, Lobbyists, and Access: What Studies Show About Big-Money Influence
Trump really doesn’t want to talk about his health care record. The uninsured rate is rising, and he has nothing to say about it.
The Decade When Republicans Stole the States
New analysis of Trump and Republican tax breaks shows tons of corporations paying nothing in taxes
California voters could no longer be registered with their prefered political party
The rise of Donald Trump was a ratings bonanza. He made people a ton of money and bought a lot of homes. Everyone cashing the checks knew he was dangerous.
‘Bundyville’ podcaster Leah Sottile explains Rep. Matt Shea’s theocratic views
Advocates see best opportunity to enact liberal criminal justice reform in Va. in a generation
Why Trump isn’t getting credit from voters for good economic news
‘Worthless. Gutless. Loser.’ Online Attacks Escalate When the Mayor Is a Woman.
How Close Did Russia Really Come to Hacking the 2016 Election? (I still want to know what happened in the 2008 and 2012 Republican primaries and general election)
Trump condemned for trivializing homeless crisis in attack on Pelosi
How Amazon Gains Control & Domination
New App OurStreets Will Let You Report Traffic Safety Violators Directly To The City
The Loss of Fair Play
Biden campaign’s dangerous “steaming pile of crap” theory
On the Origins of the Professional-Managerial Class: An Interview with Barbara Ehrenreich (I want to know more about the “NAM member—who went on to become quite a prominent centrist pundit—whispering to me in a NAM national meeting that I had done more than anybody to destroy the possibility of revolutionary socialism in this country.”)
Remember the decades of tax fraud? Yeah.
Voters want change, not centrism

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